Friday, January 27, 2006

Court Sucks!!

I must say that the judicial system in America sucks... Or maybe just the one here in Niggaville aka Atlanta. I had to go to court today because of the four.. yes four traffic citations I got after being pulled over about a month ago. First off the courthouse is complete chaos and there is no kind of order at all despite this being a place that has a serious police presence.

All the employees acted like assholes because I didn't know "the procedure". I guess they assume if your black, young, and male that your ass has been through either a correctional facility or a courthouse before, so you should automatically "get in, where you fit in". Here I am thinking I'm running late because my ticket says I was supposed to be there by 1pm, WRONG!!

I go to the desk to try to find my name amongst the hundreds of others who are on the court list for today and I knew I was in for a long ass wait. Sure enuff I get up stairs and its just a (be forewarned I'm about to say some insensitive shit right now, so if you do not want to be offended stop now) sea of niggas, a few Ching-Chongs, A couple of "essays", and a few token "Pink Toes". I figure I'll be here all day if I don't somehow get my ass to the front of the line. Going unnoticed when your 6'5 and in a suit is pretty hard to do.

The Baliff comes out and yells "If you are here for a citation and not a ticket, come to the front of the line. "We only letting in the first 10 people."

People were scrambling as if we were trying to get to see Jesus at the Pearly Gates... But my ass sure did come in at number 5.. (By the way Lord, forgive me for stepping on that old white man's toes.)

A few observations from my visit to the court house.

1. On the bench I was sitting at why did someone write "BMF BITCH" in bold letters..
I found that pretty ironic since their organization is probably the most dangerous crime family in the country and currently in jail for a litany of charges .

2.Apparently a lotta people can't drive for shit.. Some of the charges they got were funny as hell.

3.Why did this dude almost get his ass knocked the fucked out by the police for talking shit under his breath to the judge.. ole Fake ass Brian Nichols a
4. When It came time for me to approach the judge to announce my plea (By the way It was "No Contest) why was my ass nervous as if I was about to go to jail or something..

But all in all it was an intresting look into the judicial system for the first time.
But, the downside was the fact that because they were so overcrowded my court date has been rescheduled until next month...DAMN

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bwwaaahaa @ your courtroom experience. hope your return visit is a lot more pleasant. lol

By Blogger muffin, at 3:25 PM  

LORD HAVE MERCY you have to go back?

Poor baby...looking forward to the follow up post LOL

By Blogger DJ Diva, at 10:18 PM  

I have to agree with your 4 observation...the first (and thankfully only) time I had to go to court (not counting my juvenile stuff...I thought I was gangsta in hs) was a for a traffic violation as an adult so I had to plead guilty why did I in the middle of my plea BUST OUT CRYING like I was going to jail for LIFE...the judge, everyone in the courtroom, and including my parents started laughing...that shit wasn't's just something about being black and in the middle of a judicial building that makes your ass feel scared as FUCK! Ps. I now work for the judicial system I'll tell you how I feel when I go to work for the first day on Monday! (smile)

By Blogger cherry's kid, at 11:47 AM  

ROFL!!!!!!!! i love the racial slurs.......oh shizz!!!! what is a pink toe???? even im not up on that....HA HA!!!!!!

By Blogger Mrs A., at 9:06 AM  

FUCK Atlanta police, they suck ass. And that is the damn truth. Messy ass court system, mean ass judges.

By Blogger Georgiapeach, at 2:20 PM  

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By Blogger Georgiapeach, at 2:20 PM  

damn niggah you stay in trouble with the law dont ya. like i told you before don't drop the soap. lmao.

but fo' real, don't you hate it when apd actually does there job for once and pulls yo ass over for a minor trafic violation but can't seem to find the dude that carjacked yo' ass. irony is a bitch right??? what happened to the blog battle that shit was dope.

By Blogger sweetlime, at 8:29 AM  

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