Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You Don't Know Me

I know that its been long overdue since every blogger has done some form of this list. So for your viewing pleasure here goes my list of 100 things you didn't know about Zeezy4Sheezy. For those who do not want to find out otherwise embarrassing information about me and still want to maintain some semblance of respect for me if you see me in da screets please do not read further.
The List 1-50
  1. I have an Arabic first name and a German last name
  2. Because of this arabic first name I'm a target for authorized searches at Airports around the country. (Thanks, Al-Qaida)
  3. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked "Do you play basketball" I would be a millionaire
  4. I have been mistaken for Tracy Mcgrady at a club in Tampa, Florida. I shamelessly went along with it and got into VIP with all my friends and got 2 bottles of Moet.
  5. I use to be obsessed with Penny Hardaway as a teenager.
  6. It takes alot to make me angry.
  7. Upon me being angry, you might not like me. I will say mean things
  8. I use to be a cute baby/kid.
  9. Then it was all down hill as a teenager then as an adult.
  10. I also wore braces for 2 years
  11. And big brown Coke Bottle glasses.
  12. I looked like Steve Urkel for about a year.
  13. I also had an 6 inch high top with a Nike Sign in the back
  14. I once thought that MC Hammer was a great rapper.
  15. The first Cd I ever bought was back in 1991. It was Kris Kross' "Totally Krossed Out"
  16. I discovered masturbating when I was 13
  17. I haven't stopped ever since
  18. I discovered porn in the closet of my father's house when I was 13.
  19. I still watch porn.
  20. In case you haven't noticed I'm a bit self centered
  21. When I become famous I don't think I will be an egomaniac, I'll just be wealthy.
  22. I don't have any kids, nor do I want any anytime soon.
  23. All my childhood friends have kids now
  24. Whenever I do have a child I hope they're cute..
  25. I have good genetics, of course they'll be cute.
  26. Because of the age gap between many of my co-workers, they think that I am mature
  27. Because of the age similarity of many of my friends, they think I'm immature
  28. I've only slept with somewhere between 1-100 women
  29. Ok I'm lying its actually less than 10
  30. I really like watching Boondocks, Chris Rocks's show on UPN, and Run's House
  31. I think Aaron Mcgruder is my brother from another mother cause I swear we think alike
  32. I still have a huge celebrity crush on Nia Long.
  33. I have been in about 5 fist fights in my entire life
  34. I have not lost one yet
  35. When I was 12 I wore a size 12 shoe
  36. 12 years later I still wear the same size
  37. In one summer I grew from 5 ft 9 to 6'2
  38. Sometimes I wonder what kind of game did my dad spit at my mom to get her attention
  39. I think I have a foot fetish.
  40. I like that purple stuff.
  41. I'm skinny but I'm deceptively strong.
  42. If I had a body like Terrell Owens I would never wear clothes and my ego would be off the Richter Scale
  43. I've been shot, hit by a car, and bit by a dog before.
  44. Compiling this list has become more difficult than I expected
  45. I have no patience and I hate waiting
  46. I have a hard time letting go
  47. I like challenges
  48. I love being told I can't do something
  49. I like kissing more than foreplay
  50. I just saved money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO

7 Say Something:

That was so cute!! Here are somethings we have in common:
#15 Hell to the yeah ( I wore it out and yes it was the CD), next it was Arrested Development! You crazy for that one.
#18 but I was nine
#19 ever so often
#25 but they will have some nappy!
#40 and the orange, shit how about it all!
#45 I could even imagine having a slow ass dial up
#47 I am also extremely competetive. I love racing games, I have only loss three times ever!
#48 I like fourplay better than sex especially if I am not in love with the person

By Blogger Georgiapeach, at 10:07 AM  

i love your first 50... ummm where da rest???

By Blogger muffin, at 1:10 PM  

If #47 and #48 are true, then where are numbers 51 thru 100? My husband secretly feels that way about kissing too. I like what you've shared so far. Encore. Encore. And if "I see you on the skreet, shawty, I-on know you." So you good *wink*.

By Blogger WIP, at 5:17 PM  

I just saved money by switching to Geico too! Geico rocks!!

Cool list

By Blogger LivingSingle, at 1:40 PM  

GEICO ain't got spit on Drive by Progressive....I mean

By Blogger Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha, at 4:40 AM  

41 and 50...simply hilarious

By Blogger DJ Diva, at 9:08 AM  

I ain't gon' lie I was feeling kris kross for a minute too. Everybody remembers "jump jump, a mack daddy will make ya jump jump" but they just too cool to admit it now.

By Blogger SmartBlkWoman, at 11:38 PM  

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